The Death of a 'Poet'

Haaretz, the far-leftsit Israeli daily, actually a Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, has uncovered a new scoop.  It claims that the leftist "poet" Shai Mizrachi, who committed suicide a few days ago, a day before his 38th birthday, was in fact the victim of Right-wing political persecution.  In fact, it runs this "scoop" under the large banner headline on a flaming yellow background, reading "Hate Crime," in its October 26, 2012 weekend supplement, and it is spread over 7 full magazine pages. As it turns out, Mizrachi was in a sense really the victim of political hate, but the criminals responsible for his death were not members of the Israeli Right Wing but rather faculty members in the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University. Mizrachi was a mentally unstable far-leftist who saw himself as a poet.  He was active in a leftist political movement of poets in Israel that agitated in favor of Palestinian "rights."  He also ran an internet site in...(Read Full Post)