The Death of a 'Poet'

Haaretz, the far-leftsit Israeli daily, actually a Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, has uncovered a new scoop.  It claims that the leftist "poet" Shai Mizrachi, who committed suicide a few days ago, a day before his 38th birthday, was in fact the victim of Right-wing political persecution.  In fact, it runs this "scoop" under the large banner headline on a flaming yellow background, reading "Hate Crime," in its October 26, 2012 weekend supplement, and it is spread over 7 full magazine pages.

As it turns out, Mizrachi was in a sense really the victim of political hate, but the criminals responsible for his death were not members of the Israeli Right Wing but rather faculty members in the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University.

Mizrachi was a mentally unstable far-leftist who saw himself as a poet.  He was active in a leftist political movement of poets in Israel that agitated in favor of Palestinian "rights."  He also ran an internet site in Hebrew called "Chaos," where he posted his "poetry" and political diatribes.

Shai evidently had a long history of mental illness and depression.  At one point he changed his name to Shai-Arie (where Arie means lion) and had a lion tattooed on his chest.  He liked to hang out at the zoo.  He also liked to go to karaoke bars.

He failed in everything he tried.  He was repeatedly rejected from a batch of computer degree programs to which he applied for admission.   He was fired from all the jobs he held and was under psychiatric care.  He was hospitalized for psychiatric ailments.  In the end he was accepted to the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University, where he quickly morphed into a far-leftist violent radical, under the indoctrination of that department's radical leftists.  Once again, the Politics Department at Ben Gurion University could claim a success!  Once he got his BA, he basically did nothing but try to sell his poetry and organize political protests in favor of the Left's agenda.

This past April there occurred the now-notorious incident in which a group of violent "anarchists" from the "International Solidarity Movement," who had been foolishly allowed to enter Israel, attacked Israeli soldiers.  One anarcho-fascist from Denmark attacked an Israeli colonel named Shalom Eisner and broke his finger.  Eisner was then filmed striking his attacker in the face with the butt of his rifle, in a doctored film that deleted the provocation that produced the butt smack.  The anarchist by the way was not injured.   At the time, the incident was reported by me in these postings and I suggested that Eisner be granted a medal.  Instead, the leftist Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and rest of the leftist conspiracy persecuted Eisner and he was forced to resign his commission.

As the media were buzzing over this, Shai Mizrachi posted a photo of Eisner on his Facebook page showing Eisner with a Nazi swastika superimposed over his forehead.  Mizrachi added that Eisner deserved to die, and claimed Eisner had broken his own finger.  Mizrachi expressed regret that Eisner had not had his head broken instead.  Note how his call for Eisner to be killed did not cause the Israeli leftist Attorney General to prosecute Mizrachi for incitement to murder, in spite of a petition from a right-leaning NGO that he do so.  And remember how it is supposed to be prohibited in Israel to use Nazi rhetoric in political discourse?  Well, that prohibition only applies when a non-leftist accuses an Israeli leftist traitor, one who is engaged in illegally entering Ramallah to interfere with IDF anti-terror operations and serving as a human shield for Palestinian murderers, as being a "Judenrat wannabe."  Mizrachi's planting a swastika on Eisner's face was protected speech.

Evidently Mizrachi was then harassed by some irate Israelis upset by his behavior who called his house or emailed him and cussed him out.  Mizrachi's parents evidently also received some irate and less-than-civil phone messages.  Haaretz insists this was all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to persecute the poor victim Mizrachi.

A while later, Mizrachi participated in a contest for a short "poem" sponsored by the Israeli state lottery commission.   The poem had to have less than 140 characters or letters in it.  Mizrachi won first prize and 15,000 shekels.  You do not want to hear my personal opinion of this or of his other "poems," since I am a mere philistine economist.  As further evidence of the vast right-wing conspiracy, some people wrote to the lottery commission and demanded that it revoke the prize, which the commission refused to do.  But Haaretz insists this is part of the campaign of harassment that drove Mizrachi to suicide.

Sometime after this, actually a few months later, Mizrachi slipped into a deeper depression and committed suicide.  The fact that he had been mentally unstable for many years before this did not deter Haaretz from insisting that for all intents and purposes he was murdered by the vast right-wing conspiracy, which persecuted him for no reason at all by sending him angry emails just because he had insulted an Israeli army hero, posted a swastika over his face, and called for that hero to be murdered.

If Mizrachi was a victim of anything, he was a victim of the indoctrination center pretending to be an academic department, the one calling itself the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion "University."  The "academic department" that converted Mizrachi into a violent leftist radical hater of Israel.

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