The Conformative Liberal Media

Last Thursday, October 25, the New York Times revealed what we have long suspected: the world isn't buying what they are selling. The NYT announced some hard facts, a rarity indeed. "The stock fell by 22% to end the trading day at $8.31, representing the biggest one-day drop in its price since at least 1980. Overall revenue at the company totaled $449 million which was down 1 percent from the same period last year, and well below analysts estimates of $479 million. Advertising revenue continued to show weakness, with print ad revenue falling a whopping 11 percent, while digital ad revenue fell just 2.2 percent." Money talks. It confirms and sponsors activities deemed worthy of investment and return. Ironically, it may be capitalism itself that leads to the rejection and consequently the decline of the liberal media. Is that why they fear it so? The New York Times deserved its sharp decline in the stock. Advertising revenue and circulation are blamed, but those are merely the...(Read Full Post)