Talk Radio and Conservative Identity

Talk radio hosts, as kings of the mass media, could play a huge role in ensuring a Romney win, simply by focusing on the "micro-media" of conservatives' individual lives. Imagine the effects of a "coming out" campaign among their millions of listeners, as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin help them to identify as Romney voters in their day-to-day encounters. Think of the prospects for shifting public opinion if talk radio hosts were to take on the role of facilitators emboldening conservatives to speak out, not just among themselves, but where it is often hardest but most effective -- in personal life interactions. The authors of this article, for example, are both conservative activists. Yet, we ourselves have too often succumbed to the pull of political correctness, remaining silent about our views in social settings, even when liberals around us speak out. Are we unique? Unfortunately, no. Many of our activist friends tell us they also tend to live double lives. One...(Read Full Post)