Softballs We'd Like to See Romney Toss Obama

Barring any real gaffes, the enduring outcome from the first Presidential debate tonight will most likely be determined by general impressions among voters more than anything else. Misplacing the old Soviet Union, sweating uncontrollably, or having a genuine brain-freeze (brought on perhaps by the absence of a cuddly teleprompter) could tilt the scales of course. But today's Wi-Fi-cloud voters are arguably less debate sensitive than the black and white 6 p.m. news-generation that watched Kennedy and Nixon. The viewers' choice of whom they see as the winner will be the one they feel is better qualified to lead the country, measured against the staggering economic problems they see all around them. Even so, there are five trivial softballs we'd like to see Gov. Romney toss at the President. For a hardworking president, these five questions should be "gimmies." To not know the answers wouldn't necessarily disqualify the President. But they would certainly be tell-tales as...(Read Full Post)