Romney Wins Debate on Economy

On the issue that is uppermost on voters' minds, Mitt Romney walked away with a clear victory in his debate with President Obama at Hofstra University. That issue is the economy, and it is the state of the economy that will be the decider for voters. On Wednesday morning, the chatter across the airwaves was about the president's and Romney's dustup over the Benghazi debacle and subsequent coverup by the president. Romney seemed hesitant to tackle the controversy head on, and framed his argument weakly. Debate moderator Candy Crowley (CNN) confused matters by misstating what the president said in the Rose Garden following the brutal murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans (the president made a generic condemnation of terrorism; he didn't specifically identify the Benghazi murders as a terrorist act). But Romney will have ample opportunity in the next and last presidential debate, which focuses on foreign affairs, to set the record straight and persuasively make...(Read Full Post)