Romney triumphs in first debate (bumped)

Mitt Romney won a clear victory on points in the first presidential debate in Denver. Even Journolist conspiracy member Ben Smith, formerly of Politico and now of Buzzfeed, called the debate for Romney 40 some minutes into the debate. Mitt Romney, trailing in the polls, needed to prove tonight that he could stand on stage with President Barack Obama as an equal and a plausible president of the United States. He did that in the crucial first 40 minutes of Wednesday night's debate, addressing Obama respectfully, even warmly - but then tangling with a sometimes hazy and professorial Obama on taxes and deficits. To my eyes, Obama looked uncertain and a little scared  -- especially his eyes. Romney looked far more confident and in charge. Obama's continual mention of  a Romney tax cut of 5 trillion dollars, despite Romney claiming he had no such tax cut planned, worked against the president. Romney was aggressive, yet polite and friendly, and demonstrated a stronger...(Read Full Post)