Romney should point out that Obama even botched killing bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is dead and -- no question about it -- that's a very good thing.

It also seems to be just about the only thing - or at least the main thing - that Barack Obama cites as a seemingly credible accomplishment of his presidency.

But what our hopelessly pro-Obama media never point out and Mitt Romney should sometime soon, preferably during tonight's foreign policy debate, is that even while succeeding in killing bin Laden, Barack Obama once again botched things.

Obama's pitch is that George W. Bush didn't get bin Laden, but Obama did and therefore he deserves unqualified credit.

In responding to Obama's over-the-top boasting about killing bin Laden, Republicans have failed to raise and strongly stress a truly significant fact about Obama's decision-making and execution ineptitude that powerfully illustrates why Barack Obama should not be commander-in-chief.

Think about it:

 We know - and the media even reported this - that when we killed bin Laden we also captured his computers and other valuable sources of information.

Yet President Obama was in such a rush to announce that bin Laden was dead, brag about it, and bask in the glory of that great event, that he called in the media for coverage well before US intelligence received the captured computers and had any time to decipher codes and study information and likely discover names and locations of other al-Qaeda operatives around the world.

Obama foolishly signaled a heads-up to every key al-Qaeda operative in the world to immediately change location before we came paying a visit.

A commander-in-chief as intent on protecting the security of our country as he is in promoting himself would have kept his mouth shut - and made certain everyone else in the know did the same - until he determined whether what we had captured when we got bin Laden gave us actionable intelligence that could enable us to take out still more of the al-Qaeda network.

Clearly it would have been much better for America's security if Obama had waited to try to take out more of bin Laden's network and then announced that we had not only gotten bin Laden but also a sizeable chunk of his back-up team.  

Tonight, when Barack Obama boasts during the debate that he got bin Laden, Mitt Romney should explain the truth about how Obama so mismanaged even this, his supposedly singular accomplishment.  The American people have the intelligence and common sense to understand this is so if only they hear it explained properly.

Romney may also want to explain that "Joe being Joe" the day after we killed bin Laden was worse than just yet another buffoonish gust of the windbag. Despite Vice President Biden's having solemnly sworn along with all others in a select circle privy to the facts not to reveal any - any -- details of the bin Laden take-down, Biden publicly announced that when Obama had the night before obliquely referred during his announcement to "a small group of Americans" as who killed bin Laden, the state secret the president was concealing was that it was US Navy Seal Team Six. 

Barack Obama may well have blown an opportunity for America to inflict far greater damage on al-Qaeda than killing only the top member of their gang.

Joe Biden thoughtlessly put a target on the backs of all known current and past Navy Seal Team members and their families by directing bin Laden followers their way.

Can anyone honestly believe that Mitt Romney would ever so appallingly mismanage something so important to America's security?  Can anyone honestly believe that Paul Ryan would ever endanger some of our country's bravest defenders by so stupidly running off at the mouth?

Fred J. Eckert, author of the book, That's a Crock, Barack, is a former conservative Republican Congressman from New York and twice served as a US Ambassador (to the UN and to Fiji) under President Reagan, who called him "a good friend and valuable advisor."  He's retired and lives with his wife in Raleigh, NC.