Romney should point out that Obama even botched killing bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is dead and -- no question about it -- that's a very good thing. It also seems to be just about the only thing - or at least the main thing - that Barack Obama cites as a seemingly credible accomplishment of his presidency. But what our hopelessly pro-Obama media never point out and Mitt Romney should sometime soon, preferably during tonight's foreign policy debate, is that even while succeeding in killing bin Laden, Barack Obama once again botched things. Obama's pitch is that George W. Bush didn't get bin Laden, but Obama did and therefore he deserves unqualified credit. In responding to Obama's over-the-top boasting about killing bin Laden, Republicans have failed to raise and strongly stress a truly significant fact about Obama's decision-making and execution ineptitude that powerfully illustrates why Barack Obama should not be commander-in-chief. Think about it:  We know - and the media even reported this - that when we killed bin Laden we also captured his...(Read Full Post)