Romney: Do not misrepresent my positions in my presence

Misinformation is the cornerstone of the Obama campaign. Romney refused to allow Obama to fog his positions and message in his presence and before a national audience. Obama has escaped scrutiny for four years due to the controlled media and the absence of honest press conferences.  He has been allowed to speak half truths before national audiences (Alito, State of the Union)  and in controlled atmospheres that did not allow rebuttal or refutation. The first debate was a joy. Refreshing. It was like watching a caged bird released and take to wing. The joy of honest facts elegantly delivered meeting dogma and disinformation was great theater. Romney possessed knowledge of the issues and exhibited on the fly cogitations. Obama seemed stuck in his debate team's tactics which seem to be grounded in misrepresenting Romney's positions.  Romney corrected him repeatedly, and the blunt denial of Obama's accusations seemed not to register with Obama, for he continued to repeat...(Read Full Post)