Romney and the Hispanic vote

Despite Mitt Romney's strong gains in the polls after his performance in the first presidential debate, he still trails Obama by large margins among Hispanic voters.  The latest Latino Decisions poll has Obama beating Romney 72-20 among the demographic. In attempting to win the Hispanic vote, it appears that Mitt Romney is abandoning the previously tough stand on immigration he took during the Republican primary.  He recently said he would honor Obama's unconstitutional executive-order amnesty, and, perhaps most tellingly, he has even abandoned some key supporters, such as Kris Kobach.  Last month at a Univision Forum, it was suggested to Romney that "there are some Hispanics who are concerned" with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who helped write Arizona's SB 1070 and many other state laws that address illegal immigration, as an informal adviser to the Romney campaign.  Romney responded that Kobach "may well be part of a policy team," but that "I have not...(Read Full Post)