We are all Republicans -- we are all Federalists. A new birth of freedom. My hat is in the ring. The New Deal. The silent majority. The New Frontier. The buck stops here... Romnesia? As he has demonstrated in all other aspects of his presidency, Barack Obama cannot match any of his predecessors (with the possible exceptions of James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter) in any area. This has become evident again in his lame attempt to coin a memorable political phrase, action, or idea. Romnesia is his latest lead zeppelin. "Romnesia" is Obama's idea of a clever put-down of Mitt Romney. Obama spits it out like an automaton at campaign rallies around the country. The term Romnesia is instructive and reflects Obama perfectly. It is not presidential. It is not statesmanlike. It is a cheap shot aimed at cheap laughs. It doesn't really make much sense. It is a gimmick based on a fiction and the opposite of witty. One expects more of the most literate president in American history. We were told and...(Read Full Post)