Rediscovered Obama video roils the campaign

It's not a "new" video in the sense that some of it has been seen before. It's been around since 2008 -- and was considered a serious gaffe then even by the press. But Obama was still an unknown candidate to most Americans and the parts of the video that were shown - about 9 minutes worth - didn't appear to damage candidate Obama that much. The video released yesterday appears to add about 35 minutes to the previous recording, according to ABC: ABC News ran that clip in a March 2008 piece on "World News Tonight with Charles Gibson." At the time, prepared remarks of Obama's speech were released by the campaign and a local newspaper posted a nine-minute edited video of the address. What ABC News and many others, including The Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson, covered at the time was based on that edited video and the prepared remarks. As ABC News reported at the time, Obama implied the Bush administration had ignored what he called "quiet riots" in the United States - serious...(Read Full Post)