Preventing Voter Fraud

Yesterday,  Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson blocked Pennsylvania's Voter ID law, which required voters to show picture ID before being given a ballot.  As usual in such situations, anti-Voter ID groups claim that the law would prevent many legitimate voters from casting a ballot, while pro-Voter ID groups claim the law would help prevent vote fraud. Each time I read about a Voter ID battle, I think of the first national elections (January 2010) organized and secured by Iraqis since the US invaded in 2003 and removed Saddam Hussein.  To help stop voter fraud in a country with records and controls that were relatively crude compared with most US voting jurisdictions, voters were required to dip their index finger into purple indelible ink when casting a ballot.  This was no guarantee that ineligible voters could not cast one ballot, but it largely prevented one person from casting multiple ballots.  I am sure many readers will remember, as I...(Read Full Post)