Prepare for Shock-and-Awe White Guilt

In these last days leading up to the election, expect the mainstream media and other assorted Obama minions to play the race card as if on steroids.  White America, you have been incrementally righting the wrongs of slavery for decades, culminating into the election of America's first black president.  Americans are good people, prone to generosity, compassion, and fairness. Exploiting your good nature, the left "played" you, offering a hardcore liberal as the first black presidential candidate.  Who could possibly say no to electing our first "African-American" president? Some might say that as a black man, I should be personally invested in Obama and upset that he has been a horrible president.  I have no skin in Obama's game because I do not view him as representing all black Americans.  In short, this jive-socialist-turkey is on his own. Numerous conservative blacks would have been excellent in the role of Leader of the Free World.  Only small-minded...(Read Full Post)