Poll: Uncommitted voters give Romney debate victory

I guess you'd have to be brain dead not to give the win to Mitt, but how about this surprise. CBS: More good news for the GOP nominee: 56 percent of those polled said they viewed Romney in a better light after watching the debate. Eleven percent said their opinion of him dropped, and 32 percent cited no change in opinion. Perhaps most promising for Romney, whose upper-class income has helped stifle his ability to relate to the "average American," the percentage of those polled who said they felt the former Massachusetts governor cares about their needs and problems spiked from 30 percent pre-debate to 63 percent post-debate. President Obama also enjoyed a bump in that category, with 53 percent of voters saying they believed he cares about their issues before the debate, moving to 69 percent after the debate. The uncommitted voters polled are less likely than voters overall to identify with either of the two majority political parties. Six in 10 call themselves...(Read Full Post)