Petulant, Perturbed Obama Just Can't Help Himself

As with the vice-presidential debate and Joe Biden, Barack Obama's attitude in Monday night's debate spoke more clearly than anything he said. No, he didn't laugh like Bozo the Clown, giggle like a schoolgirl, shake his head, and roll his eyes like Jokin' Joe did. But he looked petulant, perturbed, and on edge (and was occasionally rude) throughout much of the night, despite three days of debate preparation at Camp David. It seems Barack Obama just can't help himself. It wasn't that he was under withering attack by Mitt Romney. In fact, I was struck by how Romney opened the debate with general statements as to what our overall approach to the Mideast should be as opposed to hitting Barack Obama on where he's weak on foreign policy (everywhere). Romney could have mentioned the president's contradictions on Benghazi, something with which Obama probably feared he'd be confronted. Romney could have said, powerfully and in no uncertain terms, "Under Jimmy Carter in 1979, there was an...(Read Full Post)