Paul Ryan's Time in the Hyena's Den

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan jumped headlong into the hyena's den to champion his vision for America, and emerged with little more than a few scratches. Ryan must have known where he was headed.  Before the clock began ticking for the Vice Presidential Debate, moderator Martha Raddatz was revealed to be a questionable referee for the event.  President Obama had been a personal guest at her wedding, creating a clear conflict of interest that compromised her role as an impartial moderator in a balanced debate.  And clearly, her faculties lent a boon to Ryan's counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden, whose maniacal guffaws and incessant interruption went unchecked. The spectacle of Biden's animated and constant derision appeared calculated and coached, and undoubtedly meant to energize the left's base that feeds more on emotion and expression than facts or reason. But in spite of Biden's best efforts to launch effective attacks and to limit or conceal his trademark...(Read Full Post)