Obama's left-wing agenda goes to the dogs (literally)

President Obama's left-wing agenda has not only put Democrats and Republicans at each other's throats -- it has affected how some Americans relate to their dogs. In a wacky and largely unnoticed trend, perhaps reflecting the nation's polarized political climate, many Democratic and Republican dog owners have been teaching their pets tricks that have political overtones -- then posting the comic results on YouTube. Democrats are arguably the loopiest in this respect. Over the past few years, many have been teaching their dogs to say "Obama" -- yes, say Obama -- as reflected in numerous YouTube clips from various Democratic dog lovers. (Surprisingly, some Democratic dogs do manage to utter something approximating "Obama.") Why would Democrats do this? Perhaps they believe that Obama, their messiah who can walk on water, possesses such dazzling powers that even canines are motivated to wag their tails and utter his name. "Hey, who is your president?" Dusty Trice, a Democratic strategist,...(Read Full Post)