Obama's left-wing agenda goes to the dogs (literally)

President Obama's left-wing agenda has not only put Democrats and Republicans at each other's throats -- it has affected how some Americans relate to their dogs.

In a wacky and largely unnoticed trend, perhaps reflecting the nation's polarized political climate, many Democratic and Republican dog owners have been teaching their pets tricks that have political overtones -- then posting the comic results on YouTube.

Democrats are arguably the loopiest in this respect. Over the past few years, many have been teaching their dogs to say "Obama" -- yes, say Obama -- as reflected in numerous YouTube clips from various Democratic dog lovers. (Surprisingly, some Democratic dogs do manage to utter something approximating "Obama.")

Why would Democrats do this? Perhaps they believe that Obama, their messiah who can walk on water, possesses such dazzling powers that even canines are motivated to wag their tails and utter his name.

"Hey, who is your president?" Dusty Trice, a Democratic strategist, says to his pit bull Zoey, who, after getting some treats, manages to say something that approximates "Obama." Take a look at this YouTube clip if you don't believe it.


As for Republican dog owners, they're giving their dogs lessons in values and self-sufficiency -- teaching them to refuse treats given in Obama's behalf. One example is "Kentucky Girl," the dog owner who apparently started the "no-treats-from-Obama" trend. Her dog Opie accepts treats from family members -- but not from Obama.

"Here's (a treat) from Barack Obama," she says, offering Opie a snack. The dog turns his head in disgust.

"You don't want this from Barack Obama?" Kentucky Girls says with mock incredulity. "Oh, he's really nice; he'll send you a stimulus check!"

"OK, take it from mom." Opie gobbles up the treat being waved in front of his nose.

Kentucky Girl describes herself as "a Christian, wife, mother, and grandmother. I love my God, my family, and my country. I don't want any of our freedoms to be taken away!"

Kentucky Girl's YouTube clip has gotten more than 4 million hits since being posted on July 24, 2009. In contrast, Dusty Trice's clip of his talking pit bull has gotten 110,000 hits since being posted on Jan 23, 2009.

Given the whopping number of hits for Kentucky Girl's clip, one might infer that Republican dog owners will be more motivated in getting to the polls on November 6 than Democratic dog owners. Yes, that's totally unscientific. But it's probably as accurate as what some polls have been saying in recent weeks about whether Obama will have another four years of his "transformational" presidency.

Readers can make up their own minds as to what, if anything, this all means about America's political climate.

Take a look at Kentucky Girl's You Tube clip.