Obama's Got The Blues

The best part of Obama's first debate appearance was his dignified blue dot tie framed by a dapper gray suit.  Within five minutes Obama was fumbling to speed dial the new offer from JetBlue  JetBlue Election Protection sweepstakes. "If your candidate doesn't win, don't worry. Election protection could be your ticket out of the country." Obama's pathetic performance reminded me of a certain Southern California college football team ranked in the top 5, grudgingly leaving the Malibu surf for an October trip to play a certain rival in northern Indiana, where the temperature was 34 degrees with sleet and snow showers. The shivering Trojans, teeth chattering, wrapped in great coats and mufflers along the sidelines, couldn't get back on the toasty team bus fast enough -- on the way to a 38-10 drubbing. Romney ran roughshod all night, between the tackles, racking up repeated first downs on first down, shoving Obama out of the stadium. Obama thought just showing up would evoke the...(Read Full Post)