Obama's Ersatz Space Program

Our space program has been a source of national pride. Despite the fact it has dropped off the front pages of today's newspapers, it has always been an indicator of progress, innovation, and national advancement. According to President Obama's 2013 budget proposal, NASA's budget would decrease from the $18.4 billion it was allotted in 2011 to $17.7 billion by 2017. These are cuts via attrition. There is no percentage increase per annum as other federal agencies enjoy. There is no base line accounting gimmickry. These are real cuts. Of all the waste by the Federal government and with all the other Federal agencies that could be moved to privatization, Obama selects our space program. This detracts from the progress of our missile technology that is shared with our military, it inhibits our national defense, and it damages our national identity. Space X is Obama's choice for supplanting NASA. It appears Obama has picked another loser. Move over Solyndra. Let's begin with the...(Read Full Post)