Obama Doesn't Act Like a President

President Obama has many problems, and despite his protestations to the contrary, he is responsible for all of them. Even the economic weakness that we are suffering through right now, a problem that Obama continues to blame on President Bush, is his fault.  We would be in much better shape economically today if the president had used TARP and the myriad other stimulus programs wisely. Together they amounted to more than $2 trillion dollars. Instead of using that money to create jobs, he threw most of it away by rewarding individuals and groups that supported his candidacy for president in 2008.  For that shameful display of pork barrel politics gone wild, we, our children, and our grandchildren will continue to pay for decades to come because he spent borrowed money. President Obama may think that he has improved our standing in the eyes of the world, but the facts tell a different story.  From the Middle East to Europe to China to Russia to Africa, President Obama's...(Read Full Post)