Obama camp: It's Bill Clinton's fault

Unwilling to accept that American voters may be ready to reject Barack Obama--and unable to point the finger at their Chosen One--the New York Times appears to be blaming ... Bill Clinton. In an article that appears to be heavily sourced from top Obama campaign aides, Matt Bai writes: You may recall that last spring, just after Mr. Romney locked up the Republican nomination, Mr. Obama's team abruptly switched its strategy for how to define him. Up to then, the White House had been portraying Mr. Romney much as George W. Bush had gone after John Kerry in 2004 - as inauthentic and inconstant, a soulless climber who would say anything to get the job. But it was Mr. Clinton who forcefully argued to Mr. Obama's aides that the campaign had it wrong. The best way to go after Mr. Romney, the former president said, was to publicly grant that he was the "severe conservative" he claimed to be, and then hang that unpopular ideology around his neck." But at Commentary Jonathan S. Tobin...(Read Full Post)