Now you stay classy, Mr. President

Fresh from posting the too cutesy Your First Time voting video for the hormonally churning under 30 female voter crowd, the President Barack Obama (D) re election campaign  gives equal time to the hormonally raging under 16 male voter contingent, posting a caricature of Mitt Romney (R)  in a dunce hat on its site.   Yep, a  man who graduated from Harvard Law and Business Schools, started multiple companies with private capital that created thousands of jobs while making life easier for many, turned around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah from a sure failure into a shining success, ran and won--without resorting to dirty tricks--and then successfully governed as a Republican governor of deeply Democratic Massachusetts is a dunce compared to... Oh.   Incidentally the site's url, titled Sums It Up, nicely sums up the mentality of the Obama campaign and governance style. Another campaign visual on the site informs us of President Obama's...(Read Full Post)