Now for the spin

Surrogates for both candidates got off to a fine start last night as the spinning of who won and why got into full swing. Snap polls following the debate  showed it pretty even, with Obama gaining a slight and - compared to Romney's whopping victory two weeks ago - an insignificant advantage. CNN's 7 point Obama victory was within the margin of error, as was a similar poll from CBS. On the issue of who could handle the economy and deficit better, Romney was a huge winner - which, when you give it a little thought, is even more important than the stylistic beauty contest top line result in both polls. Yuval Levin makes an interesting point: When the debate commission announced that this year's town-hall debate-in which questioners would be selected from among undecided voters in the surrounding region-would be held in Long Island, NY, rather than in a swing state, it raised a few eyebrows. Undecided voters in Nassau County generally aren't like undecided voters in Ohio or...(Read Full Post)