Nobel Peace Prize Committee Outdoes Itself

Once upon a time getting the Nobel Peace Prize was a big deal. But with the award of the 2012 Peace Prize to the European Union, it has become banal. In the race to diminish the prestige of the prize,  the committee may have topped its disastrous award of the prize to Barack Obama, for no particular reason. In the old days, The Nobel Peace Prize recognized great achievement, great strength, inspired leadership and heroism. Of the five original prizes established by Alfred Nobel, the Peace Prize had a certain resonance, because Nobel was the inventor of dynamite, and allegedly felt some guilt or dread over his explosives being used in war. Perhaps because Norway lacked Sweden's strong military tradition, Nobel's will gave the administration of the Peace Prize to Norway, then under Swedish political control.  The Norwegian Parliament appoints  the 5 member Nobel Committee, and as oil rich Norway has drifted leftward, so has the Nobel Peace Prize. The Parliament usually...(Read Full Post)