No knockouts

When I heard a particular question posed to Barack Obama Tuesday night, I thought I might see Mitt Romney throw a knockout punch, but if I were scoring the second presidential debate like a championship boxing match, I would have to award the decision to President Obama. In boxing, as in war, he who attacks must vanquish; he who defends must merely survive. Were this not a challenger trying to unseat a champion, I would have scored this debate differently. But, by my scorecard, Mitt Romney (although he certainly had his moments, and is no chump) not only failed to consistently show the kind of aggression required of a challenger, he ignored at least one clear opportunity to take a decisive shot. That missed opportunity was in response to a question by a man who identified himself as Kerry Ladka. I was surprised that the question was even permitted, given the media bias we have come to expect; Mr. Ladka's question was clearly intended to put President Obama on the spot. Mr. Ladka...(Read Full Post)