New Photos From Occidental Years Show Real Obama

The New Yorker blog features new photos that verify my take on what our 44th president acted and looked like as a sophomore at Occidental College. Readers will note the real Obama, the young revolutionary extremist with a soft spot for Islam, that I got to know as a participant in Occidental's radical student politics.   Most shockingly, the photos show Obama wearing a band on his left ring finger that WND alleges reads "there is no God but Allah."  The photo I find to be most historically significant is the one that shows details from the anti-apartheid rally of February 18, 1981, the rally that debuted Obama's famous first skit in Obama's Dreams from My Father. In contrast to Obama's story, the banner above the event proclaims the somewhat more complex cause of "Affirmative Action & Divestiture NOW." The photo features many of the real life figures who would become composite characters in Obama's autobiography.  These include my white ex-girlfriend, Caroline Boss,...(Read Full Post)