My must read in the coming days

With the Benghazi story unraveling this blog by a retired State Department Foreign Service Officer seems a daily must read.  His take on the hearings struck me as spot on, especially his reading of Kennedy's testimony.  Take away quote: The master of the double deal is Undersecretary for Management Kennedy, whom I have known for twenty years. Whatever he says in front of the committee, which will be a "sort of" defense of the Department and White House leadership in the Benghazi fiasco, you can be sure that behind the scenes he and his acolytes are throwing Clinton, Rice, etc., under the bus. He is not about to go down in flames alone. He will not throw himself on the grenade to save Clinton and Rice and Obama. If he dies, they die, too. I had a boss at the ABA who would have fit right in with these people. He'd never bad mouth the current officers but he'd make it clear they better not blame him for their own stupidity. (Read Full Post)