Memoirs of a Textbook Salesman

I can now feel free to pen some of my "personally educating moments" while in educational sales, because the textbook publisher where I worked is closing its doors. Make no mistake, there are many dedicated people at CPS and, over the years, I got to meet numerous of them.  So if you are hoping for an earth shattering exposé about systematic CPS corruption you are going to be disappointed. Instead, my memoirs (this is the fourth) are a record of some of my more enlightening personal experiences with CPS and are written from my conservative perspective.  I view them to be a compilation of, to steal an educational phrase, teachable moments - and that is why I am sharing them. Back in the late 1990's, CPS set up a groundbreaking school initiative that would address the needs of thousands of their failing and at risk students. They called it the "Summer Bridge." The plan of the program was to require thousands of  CPS students to attend summer school....(Read Full Post)