Media Misleading May Prompt Post-Election Chaos

Within an hour of the polls closing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, the news networks and the electorate will have a clear idea of who will win the presidency.  If Romney wins Ohio and either Pennsylvania or Michigan, he has won the election.  If Romney loses Ohio and both Pennsylvania and Michigan, game over for Mitt. What remains quite disturbing are some of the overlooked results from the latest Washington Post/ABC tracking poll.  Buried in the tenth paragraph we find: A slender, but slipping majority of likely voters say that when all is said and done, Obama will prevail, and win a second term. But 40 percent now anticipate a Romney win, up from 32 percent just before the first debate in late September. Since that time, Romney supporters have become more confident - 76 percent think he'll win, up from a low of 67 in that late September poll; Obama's backers are still overwhelmingly confident, 92 percent think their guy will win. Wow!  Ninety-two percent...(Read Full Post)