Living Through Sandy (and No Obama Leadership)

No, my apartment did not get flooded and my car did not get crushed by a tree, but yes... Thousands of people in my community in Rockland County, New York are living through Sandy on the third day since it arrived: From utility wires obstructing traffic to downed trees making it difficult to pass to thousands upon thousands of homes (including my home) being without power. The mess is all over. Monday night we spent in the dark and in the wind. Luckily, a close relative living in Brooklyn invited us over, so Tuesday eve we left town; after emptying the fridge and freezer and leaving our apartment to the mercy of local cops if they show up once a night to survey the dark streets. Of course, heading to Brooklyn via the sections of the FDR that were open Tuesday eve we were not able to miss the fact that Lower Manhattan, blocks and blocks of The City That Never Sleeps, is in total darkness. To my family and myself, Sandy, with God's grace, represents only a loss of income and...(Read Full Post)