Obama Gave Himself Away Last Night

Lit with the bright flash of summer lightening, three words showed America why B.H. Obama is so spectacularly unsuited to hold the office of the Presidency. It was late in the third debate and Romney and Obama were sparing about drones. Mitt had just made the point that the Middle East was still a muddle. Obama replied, talking of partnerships throughout the region.  And then, tired and frustrated, Obama let the mask slip, and the true visage of our despotic narcissist was revealed. From the NY Times transcript: President Obama:  So across the board, we are engaging them in building capacity in these countries and we have stood on the side of democracy. One thing I think Americans should be proud of - when Tunisians began to protest, this nation, me, my administration stood with them earlier than just about any other country. "This nation, me." "This nation, me" perfectly captures why Americas fought and died in a Revolutionary War against King George III.  This...(Read Full Post)