Let them eat food stamps

As the number of unemployed, underemployed soared, as record numbers of people joined the ever easy route to purchasing food with food stamps, President Barack (D) and Michelle Obama  (D) felt their pain as only true Democrats could.   Using other peoples' money, they stimulated the economy by tossing tax dollars to the favored, mainly themselves, hosting ever extravagant dinners and events for international visitors Richard Pollock charges  in the Washington Examiner.  Sure, inviting visiting international heads of state over to the (taxpayer supported) house or to a fine dining establishment for an elegant dinner is a legitimate business expense, as is hosting celebrities or business powerhouses.   After traveling so far, the honored guests probably expect more than the little lady's green bean casserole or grilled burgers or even Michelle Obama's so called healthy 700 calorie lunch imposed on students qualifying for a free high school...(Read Full Post)