I Must Have Missed It

Once again, we have been treated to the spectacle of a national debate. Joe Biden was a boor, Paul Ryan was a wonk, and the moderator was biased. Gigabytes have been written about this debate, but that pretty much sums it up. Oh, and Hillary being thrown under the bus by Obama over Benghazi and the whispers of an internecine battle brewing as a fallout of it will surely be commented on. It makes for great pundit fodder but is nothing more than predictable noise. What has been missing so far in both debates is a real discussion of foreign policy. We have heard of intelligence failures, troop withdrawal timetables, standing by our allies, standing up for democracy, and Iran's nuclear program ad infinitum, but both sides have failed to tell us what our sons and daughters are coming home in body bags for. Our allies? Who, the Pakistanis? Democracy? What, like the "Arab Spring's" one man, one vote, one time policy where an Islamic theocracy gains control from a dictatorship? What about...(Read Full Post)