Hugo Chavez says 'I'd vote for Obama'

Hugo Chavez has made anti-Americanism a cornerstone of his leftist policies - a fact one can't ignore when seeking to explain why, during a television interview on Sunday, Chavez endorsed President Obama for a second term.   "I hope this doesn't harm Obama, but if I was from the United States, I'd vote for Obama," declared Venezuela's firebrand and socialist president, now locked in a close reelection battle again opposition challenger Henrique Capriles. Calling Obama "a good guy," Chavez also opined that if Obama were a Venezuelan, he would vote for him too.   All in all, it was a remarkable endorsement given that soon after Chavez took office 14 years ago - during Bill Clinton's second term - he started to rail against Yankee imperialism; cozied up to Cuba's Fidel Castro and various Middle Eastern strongmen; and praised Venezuelan-born terrorist Carlos the Jackal as a "worthy heir of the greatest [leftist] struggles."   How come...(Read Full Post)