Hillary The Accountability Queen

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State seeking sanctuary in the 16th century Lima Cathedral in the Peruvian capital some 3,500 miles from Washington DC, declared "I am responsible" for the security of US diplomatic outposts. Thanks for clearing up that mystery.  We were wondering who is explicitly responsible for security of embassies and diplomatic envoys.  Who would have guessed it is the Secretary of State? Why not the Secretary of Agriculture? Until Hillary and her boss admit their complicity in the misinformation, obfuscation, and lies lathered upon the American people following the terrorist attack and assassination of ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, her empty mea culpa will just be the usual Obamaesque non est mea culpa. And while Hillary pledges a relentless investigation to get to the "bottom of it"...and "bring whoever did this to justice"..., she still conveniently refuses to look in the mirror.  (Of course that would be punishment enough...).  How...(Read Full Post)