Happy Anniversary, Mr. President

While Wednesday was President Obama's wedding anniversary, it's the American people who received a wonderful pre-gift, one month before the four-year anniversary of Obama's election: an outstanding performance by Mitt Romney in his debate with the president.  The stunned mainstream media can't even deny the fact that Romney totally obliterated President Obama in this debate. I'm sure that the president and first lady are feeling a little blue today, so I figure the least I can do is to send them an e-picture-card as a gift for their anniversary.  As Clint Eastwood would say, I'm sure it will "make their day." On my way to work (I'm an electrical contractor and did "build" my business) this morning, I had to stop and fuel up my truck.  Putting in exactly $90 netted me exactly 20.004 gallons of gas, which did not "make my day" and caused me to think about Obama's failed energy policy. My next stop was the fire restoration project that I was almost finished with...(Read Full Post)