Government to give terrorist the gift of new hands

This either shows that we have a compassionate, caring government or they are a bunch of idiots. New York Post: We're giving this hatemonger a hand - and probably two. Taxpayers will foot the bill to replace radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri's infamous hooks, The Post has learned. And the cost - while not quite an arm and a leg - is expected to run up to $16,000 so the one-eyed, terror-loving thug can feed and clean himself in the slammer. Al-Masri's metal hooks were removed from his forearm stumps Friday night after he was handed over by the Brits to face terror-related charges in Manhattan federal court. The move capped an eight-year extradition battle during which al-Masri whined repeatedly about the "oppressive" conditions he expected to face behind bars in America. Although al-Masri's lawyer demanded on Saturday that prison officials immediately return his signature hooks, sources said they're considered a security risk and there's "no way" he's getting them...(Read Full Post)