George Bush Gets a Reprieve

At long last, President Obama has someone else to blame for his miserable job performance besides George W. Bush.  It's John Kerry.  According to Matt Latimer of The Daily Beast: The president would have been better off having a Magic 8-ball as a debate partner. I mean that only partly in jest. One of the advantages of being someone like Mitt Romney is that he can be anything to anybody on any day. He changes his views with such abandon that nearly every one of his Republican opponents out and out called him a liar. But he got away with it. That's how good he is. John Kerry is a liberal Democrat committed to a certain set of ideas. He doesn't know how to sound like a Tea Partier one day and a gay-rights activist the next. He's the world's worst flip-flopper. What the president needs as a debate partner is a guy filled with ambition, someone desperate to please, able to recite facts and figures as if they mean something while biting his lip, talking about his "Mama," and...(Read Full Post)