Fraud at the Checkout Line

The expanding food stamp program that now "feeds" nearly 47 million Americans is rife with fraud, abuse and cronyism, according to a new study as reported by Breitbart: Understaffed food stamp fraud prevention units and lax anti-fraud security on Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards have created a thriving underground market where food stamp recipients illegally sell and trade their taxpayer-funded benefits, often using online websites like, Craigslist, or social media. That is one of the findings of a new report by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) examining how the poverty industry has become a massive profit center for politically-connected corporations like JP Morgan, who have made at least $560,492,596 since 2004 to process the EBT cards of food stamp recipients in 24 states and two U.S. territories. The fraud and abuse in this system must surely be worse than imagined, as there are clearly people that don't really need this assistance who, under...(Read Full Post)