Feisty second debate yielded confrontation, but no clear winner

The second presidential debate was less one-sided than the first, meaning President Obama was not as distracted, while Mitt Romney turned in a solid performance.The level of confrontation was far higher than anything previously seen between the two men. Obama was very stale. He didn't look good. Romney looked a lot better -- like a president. Obama looked like a salesman It is clear the media will declare Obama the winner, for his performance was not as weak as previously, and because they are predisposed to do so, as Daren Jonescu laid out earlier tonight. I am far from certain that the president gained any support. Mitt Romney interacted well with the audience, and gave the lie to the hundreds of millions of dollars of Obama propaganda that has labeled him a monster. Both men interrupted each other, to my eyes Obama more than Romney, and both entered each others' personal space. Obama enjoyed 2 -3 more minutes of speaking time that Romney did, as was true int he first debate. Later...(Read Full Post)