Equal in Ignorance

You'd think the news that France has given the vote to ten-year-olds would be all over the media, but I seem to have missed it. How else to explain President François Hollande's pledge to abolish homework in his country? Oh, wait -- he did explain: In la belle France it seems some parents are better equipped than others to help their children with schoolwork, thus giving them an unfair advantage. See? -- no homework, level playing field. Ėgalité in action. When Monsieur Hollande was elected Président de Tout le Monde little did I realize that he would supply me with the answer to a vexing problem: for some time now I've been searching for a slogan to fit on a bumper sticker explaining exactly why socialism stinks. "Equality comes out of the barrel of a gun" is the closest I've ever come, although that could be misconstrued as a plug for the Colt Company. Everything else has been too wordy (I don't want to be rear-ended because the print on my bumper sticker is too small). But...(Read Full Post)