Electoral College Update

I believe that Mitt Romney will win on November 6th. The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate. I'm encouraged by the polls, as reported in Rick Moran's blog post, "Romney has lead in all 4 major tracking polls." These polls however don't address the electoral college vote. A friend argued recently that Romney would win the popular vote but still lose the electoral college. I had a moment's panic, but I was reassured by the latest Rasmussen Electoral College Scoreboard. It's a little tighter than the popular vote numbers, but I still think my friend is wrong: Safe + Likely + LeaningRomney: 235Obama: 237Toss-Up: 66 To win the 270 votes required, Romney therefore needs 35 of the 66 toss-up votes:  Romney Ahead Votes Latest Rasmussen poll Colorado 9 R: 50;  O: 46 Nevada 6 R: 50;  O: 48 New Hampshire 4 R: 50;  O: 48 Virginia 13 R: 50;  O: 47 Wisconsin 10 R: 50;  O: 48   42         Romney...(Read Full Post)