Did Obama Lie After Receiving Intelligence From The CIA?

On October 23, 2012, I wrote here that the Wall Street Journal reported on October 22, 2012, that the Central Intelligence Agency had provided inaccurate intelligence to the Obama Administration that the attack on our people in Libya was preceded by a protest over a YouTube video that got out of control.  According to the WSJ, the CIA corrected its error on September 20, 2012, when it told "top national security officials at the White House" that there was no such protest.  The WSJ reported that on September 22, 2012, this correction was put in the daily intelligence brief to President Obama. I wrote that the WSJ article failed to state that on September 24 & 25, 2012, President Obama went on "The View" television show and addressed the United Nations, and linked the YouTube video to the Libya attack, contradicting what the CIA reportedly told President Obama and his top national security officials at the White House a few days earlier. This has received far too little...(Read Full Post)