Decency vs. Depravity

You have to hand it to Barack Obama -- no matter what your other opinions of him. It is a downright marvel how he has managed to cram his hundredweight of hubris into the little two-ounce drawstring snuff pouch which is his otherwise unremarkable mind. How else to explain the stunning subterfuge he tried to pull on us -- and on the whole world -- in the last few weeks? Blaming American laws and freedoms for permitting a citizen nobody to make a movie which Obama falsely maintained stampeded an Arab-mob-that-wasn't, to cover for his failure to protect his own envoy and three other good men from sanguinary and unspeakable torture-mutilation-murder by a pack of assassin rape-butchers? Thence flying off the next day in splendor to Oz, to blithely extort mountains more lucre from his cultic worshippers? Richard III had nothing on this moral cripple. A man willing to do and say these things will do and say anything at all. How likely does it now seem that the bin Laden saga happened as he...(Read Full Post)