Debate Audience Selected by Firm Squeezed by Obama Justice Department

Think the deck for Tuesday's town hall debate might have been stacked? The firm hired to select the audience asking questions is under pressure from the Obama Justice Department, and some observers suggest may have already succumbed to that bullying. After the Gallup Organization refused to cave to Chicago-style pressure from the Obama gang -- which according to internal memos published by the Daily Caller had company officials comparing it to a "Godfather situation" -- the Obama Justice Department suddenly joined a three-year-old lawsuit against Gallup. Within weeks, facing the full weight and power of the U.S. government and potential expenses in the millions of dollars, Gallup made changes to its polling methodology that seem to favor Obama. The whistleblower lawsuit, claiming that Gallup knowingly overcharged the government for work done, was brought in 2009 by a former Obama campaign operative who was later briefly employed at Gallup. The suit languished for almost three years,...(Read Full Post)