David Ignatius: Questions about Benghazi deserve to be answered

What makes this column by Ignatius significant is that he apparently did some independent digging using his vast number of sources cultivated over decades in Washington. For instance, we learn that there is a Benghazi timeline being created that may be released later this week. No doubt it will be a self serving publication but it will at least give us a starting point to ask more specific questions. Secondly, there is this about the order to "stand down": First, on the question of whether Woods and others were made to wait when they asked permission to move out immediately to try to rescue those at the consulate. The answer seems to be yes, but not for very long. There was a brief, initial delay - two people said it was about 20 minutes - before Woods was allowed to leave. One official said Woods and at least one other CIA colleague were "in the car revving the engine," waiting for permission to go. Woods died about six hours later, after he returned to the annex. The main...(Read Full Post)