Christian Zionism and Islamic Eschatology

In his recently translated book, Apocalypse in Islam (2011), Jean-Pierre Filiu reports a startling observation. In his discussion of apocalyptic writing subsequent to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, he noted the changes in the presentation. Previously the scenarios had developed as an "anti-Semitic species of fiction" focusing on Israel and the international Jewish conspiracy. After the invasion, the apocalyptic doctrine became more flamboyant, turning into "an irrational technique for making sense of a world in which hostile and infidel forces ran wild" (p. 121). In this new frame of reference, the main enemy changed from the traditional ones of Israel and the Jews to a new and unexpected force. "The characterization of the invasion as a new crusade met with practically unanimous approval in circles where Christian Zionism was perceived to be a far more formidable enemy than Israel by itself." The scenarios were presented to include the prepositioning of forces for the predicted assault...(Read Full Post)